Latvian Pig Producers Association

LPPA is an economic association representing Latvian pig farmers and is active in the development of the pig farming sector in members' intents.

Since 1999
Members of the Organization
0 %
of pigs reared in Latvia

Establishment of the LCAA

The cooperative society “Latvian pig producers association” (LPPA) was founded in 1999. Currently there are 53 members active in the organisation, who are professionally active in pig farming and whose herds comprise 97% of pigs reared in Latvia.

Our mission

The association represents the interests of pig farmers in public institutions, public organisations in Latvia and Europe. Coordinate activities in pig farming, breeding, the production of feed and other productive resources, the development of the common market.

General Assembly of LPPA Members

The highest governing body shall be the general meeting of the members of the LPPA, which shall elect a Member of the Board, audit Commission, and Council of the company from among the members of the association for a period of three years. The Council shall, between general meetings of the members, exercise the functions of representation and control the activities of the member of the board.

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